management structure


Montfort Community Development Society (MCDS) is ably administered and run by a team of dignitaries from the community and other walks of life


Rev.Bro. Joseph louis s.g

Assistant Director

Rev.Bro. Mathew Alexander Kuplicat s.g


The greatest strength of MCDS is its Staff. They are all dedicated to the cause that they represent, with ample opportunity to plan, implement and evaluate.

Working in the slums is never easy. Spending long hours at the “Transit Schools” and CBR centers could be tiring. But the Staff are well equipped to take these challenges in their stride.

The calendar Year begins with a 4–Day training programme during which the previous year is evaluated and major activities for the New Year planned. Similar exercise is carried out twice a month at the MCDS centre. Services of part-time staff, Volunteers and social work students contribute significantly to the success of MCDS.