Integrated Child Development (CBR)

Over 3.5% of people in India suffer from some form of intellectual disabilities. Acceptance of special children and their integration into society are major concerns of MCDS along with awareness on causes and possible prevention of disabilities.

The philosophy behind Community Based Rehabilitation is to integrate disabled people into the mainstream society rather than create special environment for them. The involvement of family and the community are integral part of this concept.

MCDS manages three Community Based Rehabilitation programmes (CBR) and a home based care programme.

The CBR programme includes:
  • Survey, identification and assessment of special children
  • Occupational therapy
  • Physiotherapy
  • Vocational therapy and job placement
  • Recreation and sports
  • Active Involvement in Special Olympics
  • Self Help Group Formation for Adults with Disabilities
  • Picnics and Study Visits
  • Celebration of Special Events
  • Health – Care Programme for our Special Children
  • Training mothers on basics of care of Special Children
  • Assistance with acquiring government pensions, bus pass, etc.