our vision

Make the world a better place for the less privileged, particularly
women and children with disabilities.

our mission

Endeavour to attain MCDS' vision through

  1. Community Based Rehabilitation (CBR) – To integrate disabled children into the mainstream society rather than create special environment for them.
  2. Focus on community development as a process of sustainable development.
  3. Educate children in difficult circumstances through
    1. Transit Schools
    2. Supervised study centers
    3. Special coaching for school drop-outs, support to schools meant for poor children
  4. Empower women in all possible ways
  5. Care for the Aged through Senior Citizens' Forum
  6. Community Health Care for people affected by the tsunami, Chennai floods and those displaced from urban slums.

our strategy

  • Work towards an integrated approach benefitting the entire community.
  • Empower women and through them the whole family & community
  • Emphasize on depth & Quality rather than spreading it too wide & thin