Child Labourers & Street Children

Child Labour impairs health, disrupts education, alters their perspective of society and violates the rights of children. Proper schooling and education brings these children into main stream.

Transit school programme

A National Child Labour Project (NCLP) of the Central Government implemented in the slums of Chennai in coordination with NGOs.

  • Aims to prepare child labourers and school dropouts for re-admission into schools based on their age and intellectual capacity
  • Admission Involves one year of preparation
  • A "Transit School' usually has 25 children
  • Children in the age group of 9-14 are taken care of
  • Syllabus includes non-formal and formal education

MCDS has been intensively associated in the “Transit School” Programme from its very inception.

MCDS “TRANSIT SCHOOLS” have the proud distinction of being the best among all the “Transit Schools” in the state.

Over the years, more than 3000 children, once forced by circumstances to labour their Childhood away, are currently attending about 14 schools and join institutions of higher learning and quite a few of them are consistently topping their classes.

Once a year, coinciding with the annual children’s day, MCDS invites all these children with heads of their schools for a day of evaluation and entertainment. MCDS today manages the largest number of “Transit Schools” in the country.

Our Programmes includes:
  • Skill Development
  • Sports and Games
  • Recreational activities
  • Parent’s Motivation
  • Awareness on Child Labour, importance of education and Health
  • Awareness in the community on Child Labour through street plays and Public Programmes

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